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Quality Staffing Services, Inc.

Your One-Stop Personnel Service


Changing times require a commitment to excellence!

· QSS understands that in today’s complex business environment many personnel needs have changed, while the needs for reliability will never change.

· QSS goal is simple: To respond quickly and efficiently to your personnel needs by providing you with the best employees available.

Our Service

· QSS is responsible for all payroll taxes.

· QSS maintains Workers’ Compensation coverage for all employees.

· QSS is responsible for employee benefits.

· QSS handles all employee paperwork, including W-4 and I-9 forms.

· QSS funds weekly payroll

Your Responsibility

· Approve employee time cards.

At NO Cost to You

· Experienced Onsite Managers                        

· Additional Office Support

· Injury Illness and Prevention Programs

· Adult CPR

· Time Management Support

· Tailored Programs

· Forklift Certification

· First Aid

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